Dear Mama,

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, pissed off and just plain tired of all the bullshit? It has been a whirlwind for years and it’s not about to stop…in fact, things are about to intensify. It’s so important to understand HOW arrived here…and make sure we make different decisions so we don’t create more of the same! My book not only connects the dots but provides real solutions!

What are you willing to do for freedom?

The Absence/Presence of Soil is a blunt yet refreshing commentary exposing the TRUTH about the major threats to our health, our children, and our planet. Imanee tells the story of how we arrived at this critical point on the planet and reminds us as mothers, as humans, as stewards to tap into our forgotten intuition, dive deep to extract our silenced voices, and rise up to take the action necessary to wake up the collective consciousness on the planet. If you know that you came here to do big work on the planet then this book is for you.

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Tired Of Doing It Alone?

If you are looking for support as you return to the land, to connect with likeminded others and seeking truly regenerative solutions as you start your homesteading adventure….join the Haven Earth Private Membership Association (PMA) for a one-time, lifetime membership of just $11 and unlock the Haven Earth Network – a worldwide online community and innovative incubator of the most cutting edge solutions necessary for these time. A place for sharing wisdom, resources, skills, knowledge and more with through groups, courses and more that ultimately serves to bridge the physical Haven Earth Hub campuses we are building out – together!

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