The new 5GBioShield is the result of the most advanced technology currently available for balancing and prevention of the devastating effects caused by non-natural magneto-electric waves, particularly (but not limited to) 5G, for all biological life forms. The 5GbioShield makes it possible, thanks to a uniquely applied process of quantum nano-layer technology, to balance the imbalanced electric oscillations arising from all magneto-electric fog induced by all devices such as: laptops, cordless phones, wlan, tablets, etc. The 5GbioShield brings balance into the field at the atomic and cellular level restoring balanced effects to all harmful (ionized and non-ionized) radiation.
  • ClearPHONE

  • CORE

  • ION*Gut Health is a gut-strengthening, brain-boosting mineral supplement sourced from 60-million-year-old soil that naturally supports your microbiome and defends against toxins such as glyphosate. It goes beyond the scope of probiotics to support gut health, mental clarity, and immune function. The active ingredient, Terrahydrite®, has been shown to help strengthen the integrity of tight junctions in the gut lining, even in the face of damage from environmental toxins. Given that 70% of your immune system is right behind the gut lining, this support lays the foundation of good overall health.   https://youtu.be/i0pephOWEJE Think of ION*Gut Health as the missing piece in the human health puzzle – the way to get closer with nature and reject toxicity’s advances.
  • ION*Sinus is a rinse for clearing dust, pollen and other air-born environmental irritants we're exposed to every day. It’s your ally in combating hay fever and in caring for the starting point of your gut. Think of it as strengthening your very first line of defense.
  • PAWS

    • 5 year warranty up to 15 years with the correct annual filter replacement.
    • Water leak safety switch
    • Water Pressure Safety Meter
    • Flow meter is set 1600 gallons a year, the certified quantity before requiring filter change.
    • Filters are Certified by SGS
    • Product Manufacturing in a NSF Certified facility
    • Produces 1.4 mg/L to 1.6 mg/ L of Hydrogen
    • pH of Water is 9.0-9.5 Alkaline, Alkaline water is naturally created, not artificially created.
    • Minerals - Maifan Stone
    • Filters are localized by Region and Zip Code
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