During this time of the Great Awakening we now find ourselves in (whether we want to be here or not 🤪) can be quite challenging and intense. So many people are waking up to TRUTH and it’s important to remind ourselves that we are all arriving from different places. According to my favorite astrologer, Dr Michael Lennox, “this promises to be one of the most intense and energetically powerful years we have ever moved through, and it gets started with a bang. In fact, the New Moon that kicked off Capricorn season that took place on December 25/26th, was also a solar eclipse. The eclipse wormhole we start this year in comes to a close with the second eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10th. The period in between eclipses is like a wild ride through consciousness. The wormhole is a principle in physics where a particle can start off in one place in the Universe, which folds in on itself, and allows that particle to travel through time and space, and emerge in some other place in the Universe almost instantaneously. Whatever expansion of your consciousness that can happen in any lunar cycle, is multiplied exponentially during eclipse season, and when we come out the other side, we are utterly changed.” 


As we embrace the opportunity for profound transformation, it is essential for those on the Path of Truth that we remember that FREEDOM is the thread weaving us together around our common cause – whether the topic is vaccinations, Monsanto, climate change, 5G, Big Pharma, Big Ag….the list goes on and on. However you arrived here, we welcome you with open arms. 

This time requires us to write a new language where everyone’s voice is relevant – even when our positions differ. I find tools like Astrology and Human Design to be essential not only in mastering what I need to learn on an individual basis but how we can more effectively and efficiently operate as a collective. 

I had my daughters natal charts done the day they were born and in my relationships and business partnerships these kinds of tools to navigate through the dynamics at play. They help me to have a greater understanding of my role as a leader (being a Projector profile in the Human Design system for example) as well as how I can best support other members of the Tribe 👩‍👧‍👧….in business, romance, child rearing, activism – you get the idea. 💡

What new skills are you planning to master in 2020? In what ways are you inspired to show up like never before?