We have all heard the phrase “in the flow” or as I like to refer to it as “in the glow” – when life just lights you up. 🔥 You become the beacon radiating your frequency out to the universe and in turn attract the same to you. My “high vibe” lifestyle has definitely evolved on my quest to discover ways to elevate my vibration this past decade. I have refined the “divine timing” in my life down to the precise minute! 

My last trip to Japan was filled with multiple serendipitous encounters – multiples on a daily basis! How are you opening to the magic in your life?

Serendipity is around every corner….but how does one get there? One of the easiest ways, and a starting point for most people, is through the food we eat. When we eat more living, vibrant foods containing large amounts of life force (or prana) we start to feel more alive.In our search for even more nutrient dense and mineral rich foods many of us gravitate to superfoods or superherbs that further refine our clarity (one of the main signs you are becoming more high vibe!) 

Water is also an important part of the equation as we are made up mostly of water. 💦 “Dead” tap water or plastic infused water reduces our high vibes (more on water in a future blog) We realize we need to not only remove the toxins from our food, our household cleaners, body products but from the environment as a whole (see previous blog). 

This awareness can be overwhelming and even put us in a state of panic or fear (especially when we start seeing the truth about the impact of vaccinations and 5G). 💉I spent a good decade researching and trying to come to terms with the reality of the world we are living in and realized that being in a state of “fight or flight” was contributing to the problem – not solving it.

It’s important to stay out of states of fear, scarcity and hopelessness as it not only decreases our vibration but creates more of exactly what we are trying to avoid. I know how hard this can be – especially when we are just waking up to new information….but this is where the true mastery is! Malcolm Gladwell says in his book the Outliers that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery (sounds about right!?!). 🙌

It was years of intentional practice before the switch flipped that released the lingering scarcity programming embedded in the cells of my being. It’s been a long road but the conclusion I have come to is that staying open and saying yes is the most critical key in this equation for being “in the glow”. 💡

We must remember that we can also raise our vibration by doing what we love and following our passions. Keep dancing, chanting, traveling – doing whatever it is that makes your heart sing! Remember to live your passion and be that bright light shining out into the world in a time when it is needed most!