Let’s be honest…today’s world can be quite overwhelming and navigating from the convoluted consumer maze can be distracting to say the least. My solution is to keep things simple…especially during this time of year as we are bombarded with the latest and greatest – products, diets and fads….

So yes buyer beware…AND buyer share! I do have to say I am quite overjoyed when I stumble across an inspirational solution that makes living in today’s world a bit easier. I am continuously amazed at the ingenuity that humanity continues to demonstrate on a daily basis!

My latest “wow” is the innovative ALMOND COW! Have you seen it yet? I mean, how clever is this??! A blender with a filter that makes all kinds of deliciousness! Mine just arrived and I tried it for the first time today! Incredible….

And I have to admit, their adorable marketing was the bait. I mean, how much cuter can you make an almond? Their branding was completely on point….and their instructional videos were super simple and to the point. And I can testify that using it was just as easy! I can add my rave review to all the others. I definitely recommend checking it out. The cost I will save on the almond milk for my family will definitely cover the investment….plus assure the best quality.

Part of this journey of “conscious consumerism” or what is now being referred to as “regenerative lifestyle” is about how we can eat well, build soil, and regenerate the planet simultaneously by making conscious purchasing decisions. Kiss The Ground compiled a getting started purchasing guide called #EAT4CLIMATE that outlines several things you can do to begin your journey.

Regenerative Travel is also becoming a hot topic as more and more travelers become eco-conscious. Everything from forest bathing to eco-friendly AirBNB’s, along with lifestyle shopping guides are sprouting up.  

This trend of “doing good” is here to stay as businesses shift to this new model based on consumer demand. Author of the recent book “The Regenerative Business” by Carol Sanford describes how companies must transition into living human development labs, using creativity and teamwork to regenerate their operational systems to become the fertile ground for the kind of disruptive innovation required in today’s world to be  wildly successful (and survive). 

Costco is a great example of this. Check out my recent FB post and the rave reviews in the comments. I was quite surprised and will be heading out to get a membership soon! They have a unique business model in which they give employees ownership, 70 cents out of every dollar spent by Costco goes to the employee, they sell with minimal markup and actually make their money on memberships. According to Barrons “Costco continues to be a company that is better at serving the club member and employee than the shareholder…” And Bloomberg goes on to say that  “Costco pays its hourly workers an average of $20.89 an hour, not including overtime (vs. the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour)”. Their recent decision to be the first major retailer to stop selling Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide just got them even more points! 

And this is exactly what we, as conscious consumers, want to see – more business like this!  It is a potent reminder that we do indeed have the power to shape the world we live in. Money Talks.  

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Viva la Mamalution!