The state of the world today can be overwhelming! Ten years ago I felt so hopeless about bringing children into this world so I decided to write my book The Absence/Presence of Soil in order to make sense of the confusion I was feeling. It was a cathartic process to help me understand how we got here. 

The first piece I wrote was called One Mother’s Plea:

Time is running out. Mother Earth is calling. Can you hear her prayers? I hear her cries rippling in the cracking glaciers, rising waters to wash away her wounds, purging the poison we have inflicted upon her. I wonder why so many of us, mothers ourselves, are deaf to her pleas. Is it because we have been trained to ignore our own feminine wisdom? We birth our babies in hospitals while numbing ourselves, and them, to the experience of birth itself. We separate ourselves from our children and then seem confused by the detached, self absorbed culture that results.

We enjoy the benefits of modern conveniences to an excess – feeding our kids fast food because we have no time – rationalizing and justifying our behaviors to avoid feeling guilty. We know deep down that genetically modified foods, synthetic additives and artificial flavorings aren’t healthy. We feel it in our bones and taste the toxic residue on the body of Mother Earth. 

If only we would listen to those inner voices. If only we could hear her pleas. Instead, we numb ourselves with caffeine, sugar, and medications. Our collective ignorance, apathy and greed have led to global devastation in a mere 100 years. We have become addicted to our search for bliss oblivious to the cost.

What momentum has the women’s rights movement gained during this past century if the result has been a society that is consumed with consuming, distracted by calculated marketing tactics and manipulated by distorted realities? Have we simply chosen to minimize the power of the Feminine for the “idea” of something other than what it actually is?

Some of us rebel – birthing and schooling our babies at home, breastfeeding them past the age of three, refusing vaccinations, growing our local economies and eating real food. We know we have the ability to shape our reality with our thoughts alone. But, what reality are we buying into exactly? 

The emerging movement has lacked a feminine voice. Women adopted masculine thinking because we were led to believe it was the only way to progress. It is a slippery slope discerning truth buried in hidden agendas reminiscent of days past. We got caught in a vicious cycle. Corporations are dependent on us as consumers to keep buying – so they come up with endless innovative ways to convince us to shop ‘til we drop.

Women are the largest population of consumers. We are shaping our future world with our purchases. It is up to us to recognize how powerful we really are. We could shut down Corporate America, reinvent our economy and dismantle our government in one fell swoop – all while teaching our children what’s really important. The Mamalution is a Call To Action! 

Tap into your feminine intuition and save the day! Those of us raising children during this critical time have a responsibility and an obligation to show them new ways of living. We can teach our children how to adapt, to be flexible and to be strong in body, mind and spirit. We can conserve, share and prepare. We can develop a willingness to look at our personal “footprints” and “mindsets” and we begin to live our lives differently.

Move through the fear to the other side without becoming paralyzed, immobilized or tranquilized. Show your children you are powerful by demanding change from our political leaders and using your consumer dollars to support businesses that are operating in sustainable and ethical ways. Money speaks and companies listening to every vote we cast when we shop. 

Do not compromise your values for the illusion of comfort. Live your life from a place of integrity. Share your insights, inspiration and information with everyone around you. Every day is an opportunity to discover, uncover and try something new. We are the voices for Mother Earth. An Earth that is abundant, life-giving and sustainable – not scarce, depriving and elite. Mother Earth is birthing a new paradigm. Let’s dream the possible together and take action to weave a new reality. Women, mothers themselves, are the ones with the power to shape the consciousness of future generations. It’s up to you, me – mamas everywhere.

If you have just stumbled on the path and trying to make sense of it all, I would like to invite you to read my book The Absence/Presence of Soil for free. I know it’s hard to find the time….especially on the computer (100 pages can feel like a lot!). I am working on an audio version and printed book by the end of the year – so stay tuned! But in the meantime….get the FREE download and get on my list for future updates!