For many of us, the destruction of our food system ☠️🥕🥒🌾🍠🥣and what we call “food” today has been our “wake up call” 💊as our children are getting sicker and sicker. “The Deadly Cocktail” for humanity consisting of of Glyphosate 🌾 Vaccinations 💉and 5 G ☢️covered in my book The Absence/Presence of Soil explains how this trilogy of toxins works synergistically to break down our bodies and minds – literally our cellular memory to remember who we are. This  destruction of our identity on a cellular level, as Dr Zach Bush refers to it,  deletes our ability to build a healthy body. We now have autoimmune illnesses on our planet causing us to lose ourselves as human beings on a macro level. This “leakage” in our bodies is causing panic, doubt, fear, insecurity, emotional inability to relate to others and spiritual crisis. Check out this Rich Roll podcast with Zach Bush to hear more.

Here is an excerpt from my book 📖 The Absence/Presence of Soil 🌱discussing glyphosate:

Here in America our relationship with food has become a path to disease in both our bodies and minds. We eat anything sold as food no matter the color, shape or size. Here in America, we equate bigger with better and eat larger quantities of food than ever before while expecting to pay very little. The success of Dollar Menus and Value-Paks demonstrate our demand for cheap food and our ignorance of the hidden costs. The majority of food today comes from large agribusiness or multi-national operations involved in monoculture farming (where single crops are grown). This is even true in the realm of organics as the demand for organic crops increases. Small scale organic farms and companies have been bought out by the bigger conglomerates. Farming today is as detached from the earth as our taste buds are from real food. Massive diesel powered behemoths operated by solitary drivers in air-conditioned comfort work miles of land in little time. They drench the growing plants and soil with insecticides, herbicides and pesticides to eliminate the need for weeding of any kind. Clouds of insecticide dust billows onto leaves, fruit and vegetables, eliminating the other organisms that share our earth and fill out the circle of life. 

The danger of Roundup and the greed of companies like Monsanto are finally beginning to be exposed with the recent $289 million lawsuit (with many more in the pipeline with awards now reaching the billions) proving the main ingredient in Roundup glyphosate does indeed cause cancer (which they knew all along). Unregulated use of glyphosate by homeowners and lawn care companies have equally contributed to our current state of affairs. If all spraying stopped today, it would still take 50 years to clean up our environment. It’s unlikely that even Monsanto never imagined the amount of Roundup showing up in our environment would reach the levels threatening human health today. Nonetheless, to further exacerbate the problem (and make more money), they recommended farmers start using glyphosate as a drying agent on crops (specifically wheat and oats) in 1996 which directly correlated to a spike in major health issues and massive intolerance to wheat in the US. This allergic reaction to all of the glyphosate crops flooding our food chain resulted in a slew of gluten-free products and created a booming industry slated to reach 7.60 billion by 2024. Unfortunately many of these products designed to address the epidemic of “leaky gut” syndrome are not organic and not that healthy (but quite expensive).  

Most consumers are surprised to find OATS at the top of the list with the highest concentration of GLYPHOSATE, especially because we have been told oats are good for us our entire lives! Tests commissioned by the Environmental Working Group found the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer in every sample of popular oat-based cereal and other oat-based food marketed to children.  Both Quaker and General Mills claim there is no reason for concern because their products meet the legal standards.  In her book Whitewash, The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science by Carey Gillam, she highlights the class action suit against Quaker Oats in 2016 – a product which is “used by millions of consumers as cereal and for baking cookies and other treats.”  Eating an oatmeal cookie or drinking the popular oat milk on store shelves can be dangerous in today’s world if you are not eating organic. 

Glyphosate is inescapable and is destroying our identity on a cellular level while deleting our ability to build a healthy body. We now have autoimmune illnesses on our planet causing us to lose ourselves as human beings on a macro level. The “leakage” in our bodies is causing panic, doubt, fear, insecurity, emotional inability to relate to others and spiritual crisis. Seventy five percent of our air and rainwater now contain glyphosate. Less than 1/10 of 1% of roundup ends up on weeds. The other 99.9% end up in our waterways, aquifers and rivers. The basin of the Mississippi where all of the glyphosate gets dumped is now referred to as “Cancer Alley.” Maps show the highest concentration of cancer in this region. This water-soluble antibiotic has seeped into every crevice of our bodies and planet. Glyphosate is not something that can be subtracted from our ecosystem. It literally passes through our 1 cell thick gut lining and blood brain barrier breaking down these membranes and our identity on a cellular level. Mounting scientific findings suggest that global regulatory bodies have been wrong about the lack of bioaccumulation of glyphosate-based agricultural chemicals in the body and that Roundup may be even more toxic than DDT. Recent studies show 93% of pregnant women show signs of this most widely used herbicide is passed along to the unborn child via the placenta, umbilical cord, and breast milk and has been associated with birth defects and fatal even in low doses.

It is time to abandon the chemically-laden, artificially flavored, neon-colored, genetically modified, over-processed, packaged foods and return to eating locally, regionally and seasonally. Randall Fitzgerald points out in his book The Hundred Year Lie that “Our diets and our health from the womb to the grave are now shaped by three sectors of the economy: the processed food corporations, the medical and pharmaceutical giants, and the chemical industry. Together these economic interests have fostered a belief system — a belief that most of us have naively embraced — promoting synthetics as benign and superior to naturally occurring foods and medicines. Blinded by ambition and the spirit of progress and commerce, we have unwittingly created an unstoppable force.” 

There is a solution‼️And it’s in the title of my book ➡️ SOIL! Soil is the Climate Solution! Regenerative Agriculture will save the day! Read my book (get your FREE download here) to find out what YOU can do to be part of the Soil Revolution! There is a growing movement of small-scale organic farmers who are on the cutting edge of this technology to establish new standards by growing food with high levels of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, antioxidants and trace minerals that match or exceed pre 1940 USDA mineral levels. This no till organic revolution is being pioneered by visionaries like Dr Zach Bush who understands where humanity is headed. His Farmers Footprint movement is committed to regenerating five million acres of farmland by 2025! #happydance

And in the meantime…make sure to double check that those granola bars or “healthy” cereals 🥣 and oat milk you are using is ORGANIC (all of the OAT MILKS I have checked out are not 🤔 – just another marketing tactic to create a new craze and sell Monsanto Oats meaning our kids are basically drinking glyphosate!) And most local bakeries with homemade products are NOT using organic oats! (just ask them 😉) Eating an oatmeal cookie in today’s world can be deadly! 🍪How crazy is that ⁉️