Have You Started to Read My Book?

If not, what are you waiting for? Even though it’s just over 100 pages I know it’s not your overnight read. There’s a lot of information – some that might be very new to you or perhaps you knew but had not quite put the entire picture together. Sometimes when we get exposed to a new idea that wakes us up (what we often refer to the “red pill”) it can be an emotional process.

The vaccine issue is a perfect example. There are so many families that believed in vaccines or did what they were told, assuming that the government and Big Pharma truly had their best interests at heart, but their children were vaccine injured or even died. Some have had multiple children injured until they put the pieces together. Mothers are inherently programmed to protect their children. So if their child is injured they are going to try to find out why and what they can do about it. This one red pill alone is mobilizing millions of families around the world.

And once you go “down the rabbit hole” you begin to link the pieces together and understand that there is a bigger picture we have been blind to….literally that’s right before our eyes. You’re like “how could I have possibly missed this?” 🤦🏽‍♀️

Asking questions is the first step to finding the answers….

If you are READY to hear the TRUTH it will reveal itself to you. We are programmed from birth to blindly believe the stories we are told by our parents, churches, communities, schools, government and media. We don’t ever consider that they might be wrong – or even lying to us. Why would they do such a thing? It doesn’t make sense. 🤔

They say once you are awake, you can never go back to sleep. And there is a process we move through any time we find out the “truth.” The first phase is shock or disbelief (some people stay in the stage of denial their entire lives), but once we accept the truth without a doubt we enter a state of deep sadness or remorse. We may even feel victimized, helpless and a sense of despair or overwhelm. It’s important to go through this cycle of grieving but not stay there. 😨

The next phase is anger🙇🏻‍♀️ (and this is a healthy phase if we direct it in the right way). Our anger is the fuel for change. It mobilizes us to take action, become passionate about sharing “the truth” with others. It becomes very strong to the point of invincibility when we connect with others on the same path.

Again, we are seeing this in the vaccine choice movement. Parents are now recognizing that this is not a vaccine issue, but a freedom issue. And the only way to ensure change on the planet is to mobilize the collective to shift their mindset. The “right” ideas presented by the right people at the right time can change the course of history. Studies show that it takes it only takes around 3.5% of the population actively participating to ensure serious political change. Non-violent civil resistance by ordinary civilians trump the political elite to achieve radical change. That brings me to one quote that has been the guiding force in my life….

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Stop Analysis Paralysis and Take Action 🔥

The only thing getting in your way is to NOT take action. The only thing that will continue to strip away our FREEDOM is if we do not SPEAK UP. We can no longer stay silent. These are the times that call for a REVOLUTION. 🔥How many times have you thought of speaking out only to get caught in the “analysis paralysis” that seems to plague or minds? You are worried about what your friends and family will think or maybe even your spouse. You wonder, “is it really such a big deal?” Or how will it affect your children? Or maybe you don’t have the time? ⏰But time is ticking, and we need to get busy!

Speaking up requires you to muster the courage to talk about things that might make you unpopular. You may lose family or friends and be attacked or blocked on social media platforms – especially with more controversial issues like vaccines. We are living in a leaderless time and it requires bravery to speak up. Yet there is an underlying current of dissatisfaction growing in our country and people are tired of all of the lies. Puppet politics funded by big corporations merely serve as a distraction to the real issues. As mothers we can be leaders within our own families and communities. We decide how we want to raise our children and with practice we master our ability to respond (response-ability). We welcome this opportunity to teach our children where food comes from, how to identify plants, prepare and preserve food, basic life skills and how to be still and listen to their own inner voices.

It is our responsibility as mothers to reclaim our traditions and pass down generational wisdom for the survival of our species. And if we have forgotten, we can learn right along with our children. As we become accountable for our own personal actions and choices, we motivate others to do the same. Instead of throwing our hands up in the air, blaming others, or expecting others to solve our problems we plant our feet on the ground and invent our own solutions. We change our environment and the larger world when we change ourselves. We will not adopt a victim mindset and settle for less than we deserve.

The great thing is that right now there is a growing number of people waking up on the planet at the same time. This wave of consciousness is leading to The Great Awakening that is taking place. The only thing for you to do is figure out what role you want to play and how you want to get involved….and to begin waking up others to the Truth! 🙌Like the 800 parents in Maine who collected turned over 93,000 signatures from Maine voters to the Secretary of State in an unprecedented grassroots effort to overturn LD798. 92% of those signatures were collected by 800+ volunteers – moms and dads, business owners, medical professionals, educators, legislators and community leaders – who dedicated their summer to fighting for our freedom and reject Big Pharma!


One simple place to start on your path is to leverage social media (while we can) to connect with others who are also on the journey. There is strength in numbers! I also highly recommend you read my book and share it with others. I would love to hear any aha’s and insights you may have in my Facebook Group: Mama’s Rising for Truth

Enroll Your Family

Acting on your intuition is essential to avoid analysis paralysis. Start with a simple task and enroll your family in the process to eliminate resistance. If you have been living your life one way and then all of a sudden switch gears it can be a lot for others around you to keep up with. Each of us go through our awakening in our own timing and we will need to be patient and put some effort into changing behaviors and patterns that have already been established in our own families. I dive into this in great detail in my book. Being a mama of a blended family with six children was no small feat.
Create a timeline to help your family adjust to the “new” ideas you are implementing. Times of change can be disruptive in general but laying out some strategy and a direction of where you are going will help gently transition them as much as possible. Explaining to our children the reasons behind the changes we are implementing is important. Once we enroll our families we can dispel any negativity or resistance.

Find Your Tribe

There are some days we just need extra support and thread of hope to keep going. Stay connected to others, form a group if there isn’t one in your area. Mama’s with children in tow gathering to talk about what’s really going on, rather than the latest products Corporate America is pushing is way more powerful.
And although all of us are connected through social media today, it is still important to get together in person. Sometimes when we swallow a “red pill” we find ourselves a bit fragmented and have to reorient ourselves. It’s crazy how we can lose friends or family members who disagree with our position. It can feel a bit lonely. So it’s extremely important that we replace our lost community with another so we can feel the power of connection. The relationships we will build and the bonds we will develop with others as we grow this grassroots revolution will not only be priceless, but instrumental. There is something extremely powerful when people unify around a central cause – especially when it is one of such a global scope and scale like what we are facing today. Protecting our FREEDOM as human beings is paramount.

Stay Strong (Image)

They say you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. This is our calling mama’s. Let’s unify and strengthen one another. Stay tuned for more inspiration and resources coming your way. In the meantime, download my book 📖 if you haven’t already and start reading. Feel free to reach out to me personally and share your process. I hope to make an audio version of the book soon for all the busy mama’s to listen to while they drive their children around! 😜Viva la Mamalution! 🔥