I am sorry…

As a mama of six children raised during this time of Climate Crisis 🌎I have to say I AM SORRY to my children and the entire generation of children who have been forced fed a constant stream of despair. I plead guilty. I fell for the fear of impending doom. 😳

I refused to let my children use plastic and only allowed them to purchase used and recycled clothes (which did help the budget as a mama of six kids I have to say 😜). We hugged trees (and still do) 🌳and ran our Excursion on biodiesel we made ourselves.

We took a cross country trip collecting water 💧from springs (refusing to drink from plastic water bottles while boycotting Nestle – which we still do 10 years later) and mapped our trip based on National Parks and places we could eat real food (which were much more rare 15 years ago)! 🥕🥒🌾🍠🌱🥣

I dragged my children to see Al Gore’s movie and we created a skit called “Living the Green Dream” (which you can still find buried on YouTube) before the days of FB that they performed at local venues and schools as part of their homeschooling curriculum. We still get a good laugh from them….😭

Do I have any regrets?

A few… I am grateful that my children have never been vaccinated and that they were “free range” on a diet of all non-gmo foods where our organic cafe served as their classroom for a decade. I have children who have a sense of right and wrong and who not only care about the earth, but about other people and the way they are treated. But what I am sorry for is that I raised them in a culture of scarcity and fear. This really struck me when I listened to Greta the other day on one of her many interviews and I thought…. wow, that could have been one of my kids. 🤔

The SHEER TERROR she conveyed, just by being alive on the planet at this time, is a mere reflection of what the entire generation is feeling. I remember checking myself at various times as I was rolling out the full blown “green dream curriculum” with my family. The overwhelming sense of doom and gloom as we researched all the data on how many forests were being destroyed and the companies supporting sweatshop labor seem to seep into our psyches. To this day my children experience moments of feeling lost and hopeless with the mantra of “why bother if we are all going to die?”

Are we really free ⁉️

We have raised children with no sense of direction or reason to live. We have bombarded them with media that the earth is limited in her resources, yet BUY, BUY, BUY. I homeschooled my children for two decades to escape the inescapable and even unknowingly participated in their “hidden curriculum” until I finally woke up! That’s how deceptive their enslavement is…they say Mental Slavery is the worst form of slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom. It makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to FREE you and open your eyes. 👁

Have we really been had? 🤔

Yup…the Climate Change Hoax has intentionally targeted the empathetic earth lovers like myself with threats of glaciers melting and polar bears dying. We have forfeited luxuries for the sake of saving species while the Agenda continues to reap the reward. They are programming us to reduce, reuse and recycle while they make more trash, chemicals and vaccinations for us to buy.

Let’s be clear – there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG 🙅🏼‍♀️with taking care of our Mother 🌎BUT we need to be the ones to determine what the issues are and how they need to be addressed. There are solutions. Our Earth IS infinitely abundant. What we have done wrong is used our children as PUPPETS for the Agenda funded by BIG MONEY 💵 and instilled a generation of fear.

I intentionally set out a few years ago to undo some of the damage as I began to expand my understanding and dive more deeply into some of the facts behind the movement. It is easy to confuse the issues (which is intentional BTW in their strategy to divide and conquer)⁉️ It has taken me much effort the past few years to shift the mindset of my children to one that is abundant and prosperous 💰 but we are getting there! If you are ready to take the journey, you can read the full story in my book The Absence/Presence of Soil. It’s just one mama’s quest for truth and I share it with the hope that it will inspire other mamas to wake up and join me on the journey. 🙌

➡️You can download the book 📖for FREE here. Viva la Mamalution! 🔥

Right now we have a unique opportunity to change the direction of how things are going on our planet. We have our foot in the door as the facts about vaccinations come to light, as companies like Monsanto and are getting sued left and right and the curtain is being pulled on the Climate Change Hoax. Now it’s up to us to break the door down. Who’s in?