The Truth

What they don’t want you to know is that you are more powerful than you can imagine! The vaccination issue that is sweeping the world has ignited an awakening that cannot be put out. The fires of the revolution are ablaze and gaining momentum. This is our time. This is why we are here. 🙌

If you have any doubt that YOU can make a difference, watch The Highwire with Del Bigtree as he gave a thorough update on “CALIPHARMA.” California parents are getting a taste of just how powerful they really are and reminding all of us! They are rapidly mobilizing and their efforts are rippling out to every state in our country and around the world! It’s incredible to witness.

It has felt like such a long, lonely journey to be shouting truth from the rooftops upon deaf ears- so to see all of these families waking up makes my heart swell. And some days it is hard to hold back the tears of joy – even amidst all the overwhelm and terror. It’s that feeling you get when one of your kids does something amazing – the kind of thing that makes a mama proud 😉

It’s time to get on INSTAGRAM 📸

Instagram seems to be the place to be – where we can share information without the censorship in Facebook Land….at least for now – until they catch up with us (if they can). If you are not on IG I recommend you get on and ➡️ FOLLOW all of the FREEDOM FIGHTER pages starting with @ca_freedom_keeper 🔥 We are representing CT  follow @ct_freedom_keeper here. Other great pages dropping serious facts, inspiration and wisdom are: @concernedparentsofcalifornia @BelieveMothers and @katiewharton

Know that they are watching us. The tactic of pitting sides (Republican vs Democrat, Vax vs No-Vax) are specific strategies to divide and conquer us. We will win if we stand united and keep our hearts open and expand into love and not fall victim to the anger and fear.  They are infiltrating our organizations. They are afraid. Love is bigger than fear. The most important thing is to NOT stay silent. We must use our voices to speak.

Join our Secret Society

If you are committed to the cause let us know. Send me a personal message to be part of the core group of mamas we are mobilizing locally and internationally – and sign up to be the first to read my book The Absence/Presence of Soil which will be available as a FREE download next week. 📖 I look forward to connecting with you. Viva la Mamalution! 🔥