It’s been almost 26 years since the birth of my first child and I have learned a lot about myself and the world since then! Half way through my journey of Motherhood and the birth of my four daughters, I began to question my decision to bring children into the world. I felt overwhelmed and burnt out by the bombardment of toxicity coming from every angle. I had already made the decision to birth my babies at home, not vaccinate and school them myself – but the onslaught of things that felt out of my control, specifically genetically modified foods, sent me down a rabbit hole.

I started writing to process all of the information and despair that was coming through and publish the first edition of this book ten years ago before the internet of things. It was a compilation of all of the conversations, visions and ideas I shared with others and all the books I had read. I laid out a historical map to piece together exactly how we got here – and it was much bigger than I had ever imagined.

The Absence/Presence of Soil is an exploration of the lies we have been told and the stories we have been sold. The generational programming and intentional manipulation of humanity in the last century has a repetitive monologue of self destruction. I am posing the question: what if we got it all wrong? And even more importantly, how did we become active participants in our own enslavement? This is the question that many of us are asking ourselves on the precipice of The Great Awakening that is happening right now on our planet. And it can only go one of two ways – we evolve or die. The intense anguish I felt over a decade ago has been transformed into immense hope.

The timing of the release of The Absence/Presence of Soil is even more pertinent with the mounting challenges facing us today with Glyphosate, Vaccinations and 5G. A reorganization of information is required for this revolution. Outmoded, dysfunctional behaviors are no longer working. The collective consciousness is upleveling new ways of being that are more inclusive and less toxic. This transformational birthing process can be painful as we move through our cognitive crisis to create new neural pathways and ways of “being” essential for our evolution. And although the reality may seem harsh and unfathomable, it is ultimately a message of extraordinary possibility.