“If you’re wondering why people who live in 5G rollout areas seem to be going insane, it’s not your imagination. 5G radiation causes “neuropsychiatric” effects through a mechanism described as ion potentiation poisoning of brain cells, according to research published in Environmental Research. This results in behavioral changes and even personality changes among those who are routinely exposed, researchers found.

In other words, 5G is a weapon system that doubles as a telecommunications infrastructure, but the real impact is to damage human brain function and destroy rationality, reason and civility, especially among those who live in high population cities where 5G towers are becoming ubiquitous.” (Read the full article here)

So, let me break this down…. the agenda is to infiltrate the food system with glyphosate – a water soluble antibiotic that breaks down our gut (and essentially a cellular knowing of who we are), roll out a mandatory vaccine program to  inject the masses with aluminum while setting up the 5G infrastructure across the globe so that they people actually become antennas for the frequencies being emitted….hmmmmm. Makes sense that not only will people not live long, but they’ll go crazy in the process of dying. Sounds like mahem to me.

When we start to dive into the weaponization of 5G it gets a little scary and hard to not let total terror take over your body. Pause. Take a deep breath. I have found comfort in the realization that with all of the technology and intention that has created this madness, there is an equal brilliant expression of technology to counter all of this. I have been on a quest for a solution and intentionally surround myself with visionaries who are uncovering cutting edge solutions for the challenges currently facing humanity and I am excited to share one of those people who is leading the way in regard to the “5G Apocalypse” (if you didn’t watch the film mentioned in previous email click here to watch now. 

I met Sacha Stone (the producer of the film) at the New Earth Festival last June that was hosted at his residence in Bali mentioned that he was working on a solution with some top scientists and is now releasing the 5G BioShield USB Key – a wearable Hologram nano-foil catalyzer. What stood out about Sacha when we met last year, and my first hand experience of him since that time, is the level of integrity from which he operates and his due diligence to uncover the truth. His commitment to “Homo Sapiens Rising” has inspired me to find ways to support the work he is doing in the world – with 5G being at the top of my list. 

We now know that 5G is actually changing behavior on the planet – not just in humans but all of the micro-biome and life forms on the planet. More and more people are getting sick and the science proves microwave radiation breaks the strands of our DNA causing disease to wake up in our bodies and younger and younger ages. We are just getting a glimpse of the increasingly severe impact 5G will have as well as the infringement on our freedom with this roll out. 

I know there are A LOT of products flooding the market these days (with more to come). The significant thing to note about this Holographic Nano-foil Catalyzer Technology is that this is not just a remediation device blocking harmful radiation waves being targeted at us – but it actually transmutes them into beneficial healing waves! The masses are still asleep to the dangers of the future world we are co-creating but intuitively many of us know we are facing imminent danger and are sounding the alarm. And while it seems quite catastrophic, deep in my bones, I felt there had to be a way to alchemically alter the frequency of these damaging waves. And perhaps we humans may indeed have the capability to do this on our own, many of us are not tuned in enough energetically to do so at this point. And that’s exactly why this device is so incredible! To learn more about the flash drive and pre-order your own go to the website here.

I will also be assisting Sacha with the 5G World Tour launching this spring in the UK, US and Japan If you are not on my personal mailing list and want to stay up to date on what I am up to and the 5G Tour you can join here.

Arise Homo Sapiens!