Welcome Mamas! No passports required here! If FREEDOM is important to you then you have found your home! As a mama for the last three decades of five daughters raised with “instincts intact” I know how important it is to raise sovereign souls – especially during these times. My four unvaccinated birth children were all born at home and homeschooled at my organic cafe for a decade where our curriculum was real food, life skills and the arts. I am passionate about education and I didn’t need my Masters Degree to share what I have learned with others so that they could make informed, empowered decisions. I began manifesting the vision behind “The Mamalution” while writing the first version of my book The Absence/Presence of Soil over a decade ago after realizing that I could only reach a limited number of people from behind my cafe counter (before the days of Facebook and Instagram).

I am also a lifelong entrepreneur and after my second divorce and the closing of my cafe seven years ago, I dove into securing financial stability for my family. Not only did I want to provide for my daughters, but show them what’s possible when you follow your passion. I have successfully built a successful business without sacrificing my values – which in turn has enabled me to imprint an abundant mindset for my girls, grow my network and travel around the world.The overlap of my businesses and my quest for truth led me to work with revolutionaries like G. Edward Griffin (author of The Creature from Jekyll Island), Del Bigtree of The Highwire Talk, Dr Zach Bush, Sacha Stone, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dolores Cahill, Sherri Tenpenny and many others who have been on the forefront of telling truth at this critical crossroads facing humanity.

I am fortunate to be surrounded and supported by an elaborate network of visionary thought leaders, activists, farmers, scientists, revolutionaries and pioneers are working diligently around the clock to wake up the collective consciousness. The intention behind The Absence/Presence of Soil is to create a timeline explaining the complexity behind the events we are dealing with today that will ultimately lead to action. I believe that when mamas fully see the big picture and how we have been participating in our own enslavement, they will set aside their fears and differences and mobilize for a greater cause. Together, we can plant seeds in the minds of mamas everywhere that will ultimately be the change we wish to see in the world.
This trail of truth I
have been following for all of these years is what led me to reunite with River who came into my life in the most serendipitous of ways and at the most perfect time in 2021. The merging of our souls in this physical form is not only a testament for what is possible but gives others hope in a time when it is needed most. I imagine many of you reading this are already aware of our navigation and our work with Haven Earth Ministries. River and I met through the Brave New Life Community Conversations in the Fall of 2020 that gathered people from all over the world on weekly zooms where we would share our feelings based on the syntropic human ecology.

We had an instant connection around hemp and visions for building out the new earth and traveled thousands of miles to over 100 cities activating the gird in the first year of our union. River and I consciously committed to templating a new way of relating between the masculine and feminine from the beginning and believe that healing this wound is critical for the evolution of our species. As we build out The Sovereign Villages of the future (literally with hemp homes!) we know that the internal infrastructure of relationships are equally important. You can learn more about our mission, get in the conversation and become a member of Haven Earth Ministries at www.havenearth.biz.

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