About Imani

First and foremost, I am a mama of five daughters raised with “instincts intact.” My four unvaccinated birth children were all born at home and homeschooled at my organic cafe where our curriculum was real food, sustainability and the arts. I am an educator at heart – passionate about sharing information with others to make empowered, informed decisions. I began manifesting the vision behind “The Mamalution” while writing the first version of my book The Absence/Presence of Soil ten years ago after realizing that I could only reach a limited number of people from behind my cafe counter (before the days of Facebook).

I am also a lifelong entrepreneur and after my second divorce and the closing of my cafe seven years ago, I dove into securing financial stability for my family. Not only did I want to provide for my daughters, but show them what’s possible when you follow your passion. Three years ago I started my own branding and marketing agency, Funnel Alchemy, and simultaneously built an annual six figure lifestyle business which has enabled me to imprint an abundant mindset for my girls, grow my network and travel around the world.

The overlap and success of both businesses led me to work with revolutionaries like G. Edward Griffin (author of The Creature from Jekyll Island), Del Bigtree of The Highwire Talk and Dr Zach Bush- who were all keynote speakers featured at the Red Pill Expo in Hartford, CT that I organized this past June. In addition, I was invited by Sacha Stone, founder of the New Earth University and director of the film 5G: The Apocalypse, to be a guest presenter at the New Earth Festival in Bali this past June. I am fortunate to be surrounded and supported by an elaborate network of visionary thought leaders, activists, farmers, scientists, revolutionaries and pioneers are working diligently around the clock to wake up the collective consciousness – and we can see the impact it is having as things are getting shook up!

The intention behind The Absence/Presence of Soil is to plant seeds in the minds of mamas, enabling them to understand the complexity of our current dilemma and to ultimately take action. My hope is to reach them speaking from the voice of another mama who understands how hard it is to raise children in today’s world. I believe when mamas move past their states of overwhelm or single focused issues and fully see the big picture, they will set aside their fears and differences and mobilize for a greater cause. An understanding of the enslavement that is taking place will be the fuel for the revolution that will ultimately restore our republic.

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