The Absence/Presence of Soil is a blunt yet refreshing commentary exposing the TRUTH about the major threats to our health, our children, and our planet. She tells the story of how we arrived at this critical point on the planet and reminds us as mothers, as humans, as stewards to tap into our forgotten intuition, dive deep to extract our silenced voices, and rise up to take the action necessary to wake up the collective consciousness on the planet. The Absence/Presence of Soil is a loud call to action to wake up, rise, and speak up. It offers tangible solutions to get WOKE and start walking your talk. If you know that you came here to do big work on the planet then this book is for you. If you have your head in the sand than this book is for you too. You may not like everything you hear but you will not be able to ignore it any longer. Imani Mamalution is a true revolutionary, truth seeker, change maker and a fierce Mama Bear protecting her cubs inviting all of us to tap into our protective, nurturing mother energy to do what it takes to be sovereign beings thriving on the planet.

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It takes a realized woman to apprehend the tyranny of generational patriarchy. It takes a realized mother to lend voice to the voiceless while priming the canvas of life for the unborn. It takes a realized human to stand sentinel between the living and the dead, the fictitious and the real. Mamalution rises to this change with faultless passion and integrity. Her book is a ripe offering for the calamity of our perfectly appointed generation, as we transition from an unconsciousness civilization to Homo sapiens Universalis!
– Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone

I like it! It’s not what you would call a fast read. There’s real meat in there and that’s good! Imani’s mama bear instinct is exactly what is needed in a time where the agenda of censorship is in full effect. The Absence/Presence of Soil will motivate other mothers to get in the spirit of rebellion. This is not a time to be silent and Imani is leading the way with her is  “revolution of attitude.”
– G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin

There is hope! This reassuring sentiment is what kept me turning each page of this book about three of the most toxic issues of our time; vaccines, glyphosate and 5G. Most of the books on these topics tend to be laden with doom and dread, Instead Imani guides us through a journey of discovery that is fruitful and inspiring. If we are going to change the world we will need to be empowered, this is one of those books.
-Del BigTree, Producer of Vaxxed & Host of The HighWire

Del BigTree, Producer of Vaxxed & Host of The HighWire

The Absence/Presence of Soil helps us to understand how and why we got disconnected from our feminine selves. By following her heart and raising her children with instincts intact Imani empowers others to take an honest look at our current world.  This book is a deep call for all women to stand strong and reclaim our place in this world. Viva la Mamalution!
– Isabelle Menozzi, US

Isabelle Menozzi, US

I really appreciate your writing style and am impressed with the level of factual information and rhythmic style which makes it easy to follow and understand exactly how we got here. I think the principles of permaculture throughout your book would be well received by the Japanes people – I look forward to your book tour in Japan!
– Kota, Japan

Kota, Japan

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