source url follow link High Vibe Tribe Re:Union Sensual By-Laws where can i buy cytotec over the counter Vision and Etiquette

where can i buy clomid in singapore In our space we celebrate the body as beautiful, good and sacred. Sexuality is a beautiful, good and a sacred part of our nature over which each person retains personal sovereignty. The principle guide for etiquette and behavior at this festival is honoring the body, honoring each other, honoring the earth. Our core values are respect, integrity and impeccability. We strive to practice clear, conscious and compassionate communication. This is a high-vibe tribe and we seek to keep the vibration high and unified.

click here cheap cytotec philippines Respect: Always be respectful and impeccable in your actions, thoughts and words. Sexuality:

There may be sexuality workshops, but sexual exchanges outside of structured workshops and sacred snuggle spaces are invited to happen  cytotec usa privately between consenting adults. Boundaries:

In an environment such as this where we celebrate the body and sexual wholeness and where there will be opportunity for sexual contact and learning, it is important that you consider ahead of time what your personal boundaries are and be able to articulate them. At anytime in engaging in physical contact with another, all must ask and give permission to be touched. Also, consider what your safe sexuality practices are and be prepared. Honor your agreements within the relationships that you with to the event. Clothing Optional:

Our festival will have a clothing optional space(s) that will hold naked yoga and a clothing optional healing circle. Neither clothing nor nudity is mandated in this space. All may dress or undress as they choose. Clothing optional means there is no dress code. You are free to dress or not in any way that feels authentic, celebratory and honoring of your body temple.

can i buy cytotec in mercury drug Support:

Our intention is to create a safe permission-based space of freedom and celebration where the body spirit union and its relationships to community and the planet can be elevated. Space holders and gate-keepers are here to maintain a level of integrity and impeccability in our sacred space. They are available to support you at any time throughout the weekend.

source url We are dreaming awake new possibilities for love, family and community. Dream with us.

source site Basics


  • Ask permission and receive consent before engaging in physical contact with anyone.
  • Wash your hands regularly and practice good personal hygiene.
  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times.
  • No photography is permitted.
  • If you feel weird or creepy so do we. Ask a space holder for support.
  • You are invited to explore nudity in designated clothing optional spaces. Please wear clothing in workshops and public spaces.
  • If you are celebrating your body in the sacred buff, carry a towel or sarong with you to sit on and bring your own yoga mat.
  • All language and communication exchanges are held in a space of love, compassion and non-violence.
  • Derogatory, shaming or low-vibration language are not permitted.
  • Sexual contact between consenting adults is invited to happen privately.
  • Your time and experience here is sacred and also confidential.
Isis Phoenix, Sensual Shaman